Wednesday, May 17, 2017

White and red


What a beautiful day this Wednesday! It's sunny and it's warm! The only drawback though.. I have to work today. :-P

So, it's been a while since my last blog-post and that was because of all my travelling and work. And you know how it goes: if you lose that rhythm of writing, editing and posting stuff.. it really becomes harder to get started on new stuff.

Anyway, time to get back in the groove of things! :-D

Yes, another photo shoot in Rotterdam. I thought it was appropriate since the major football club of Rotterdam, Feyenoord, after 18 years finally won the title! And I just love the Rotterdam skyline. ♥

I know some of you have a sharp eye.. and you may have noticed that I've worn this dress last year when I went to an archaeological park in Germany. And you might also remember that I wore cute wedges with it. 

Well, as cute as they are.. we all know that my love is for stiletto heels! And so, I had to also combine this dress with these red stiletto heels. Which makes this outfit very simple colour-wise but still quite effective.. at least I think so.

By the way, white dresses.. so hard to keep clean and smudge-free! Eating becomes a really challenge.. especially when red sauce is involved. :-P

Anyway, the weather is steadily improving.. so that will also increase my motivation to post more often!

 Have a great week!

I think the light of the setting sun was near perfect for this video shoot! You be the judge!


  1. I love love love the red details of this outfit. I never think about pairing white with red accents, only black with red, but I'm so inspired by you now. I will do this soon.
    Hope you're doing great.
    Much love,

  2. This is so cute! I love the white dress and the red mary jane pumps. Very stylish you are here.

  3. You look gorgeous in this summer outfit, beautiful color combination :-)

  4. Love the outfit! And those heels! :) So beautiful! :)
    Have a nice day Natassia :)

    Leyraa Blog

  5. Love the dress and love how you styled it with the red shoes and bag!

    Ann-Marie |

  6. Very chic, the red and white combination is lovely.


  7. Gorgeous! I love white and red together xx

  8. You are such a stunner! Always so sexy and chic!